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23-02 Christian Doctrine for Catechists I is a Course

23-02 Christian Doctrine for Catechists I

Feb 20, 2023 - Apr 7, 2023

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Dr. John Cavadini speaks often about an "Apologetics of Love," one where Christian doctrines are mysteries that invite men and women to see how much God loves us. In Christian Doctrine for Catechists I, students learn this apologetics of love through contemplating The Catechism of the Catholic Church's paragraphs 26-324.

This course answers questions including what does a Catholic mean by knowledge of God? What is divine Revelation? What does it mean to have faith? Why is the doctrine of the Trinity the central mystery of Catholicism? What do we mean when we say that God created the world? And why is there suffering and evil? In the course, Dr. Cavadini draws from theological literature throughout Christian history. This course is required for those pursuing a Certificate in Catholic Theology in Catechesis and will also be of interest for those seeking to better understand how to teach and communicate the truth, beauty, and goodness of Catholicism in our own age.

Christian Doctrine for Catechists I is part of a three-course sequence (Christian Doctrine for Catechists II and III). Students may take these courses in any sequence.


Area: Catholic Doctrine/Catechesis

Course Begins: February 2023