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10-22 Foundations of Catholic Belief is a Course

10-22 Foundations of Catholic Belief

Ended Nov 25, 2022

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Foundations of Catholic Belief explores the fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Church professed in the Church's creeds and meditated upon in The Catechism of the Catholic Church. In 24 video lectures, six professors from the University of Notre Dame (Jessica Keating, Christopher Baglow, Joshua McManaway, Leonard DeLorenzo, Timothy O'Malley, and Margaret Blume Freddoso) answer the following questions. What is faith, and why does it matter? Why did God create the world? Who is Jesus Christ, and how is he both God and human? What do Catholics mean when they say that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? How does Jesus Christ save us through his life, death, and resurrection? Who is the Holy Spirit, and what does the Spirit have to do with the Church including the sacraments? What do Catholics believe about heaven, hell, and purgatory? These professors, all popular teachers at Notre Dame, answer these questions through engaging examples from life, literature, art, and humor. This course is accessible to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, while also addressing contemporary misunderstandings about the Catholic faith. This course is required for those pursuing a Certificate in Catholic Theology in all areas.


Area: Catholic Doctrine

Course Begins: October 2022